In 2018, Google made some significant changes that affected the way sites are ranked in SERPs. It doesn’t happen now that the site with the most back links ranks on top; because Google has started using AI to answer search queries. This is one of the most important changes we saw in SEO world in 2018.

We now understand that Google has plans to deliver better results to its users by utilising Artificial Intelligence and improved Algorithm. We can’t ask Google to stall their improvements so that we can keep doing the same old things to make Sites rank high. We can only brace ourselves by monitoring these Search Engine Optimization SEO Factors in 2019:

  • It’s time to begin with Structured Data
  • There should be No Structured Data Mistakes
  • Improve Your Marketing Agenda with Podcasts
  • Focus on Content
  • Image SEO will help

Let’s understand these better:

1. it’s time to begin with Structured Data

Unstructured data is comparatively difficult to understand and handle. Structured data can look difficult but it is actually easy to understand. To become familiar with it you can just copy paste it and start working on it. You might make mistakes but isn’t that how we learn?

There are many Online Sources where you can find the useful information and learn this step by step. You can find some good tutorials which will help you gain command over Structure data and enable you to create and test your own structured data code.

2. There should be No Structured Data Mistakes

If someone is not aware of Google’s Guidelines about this subject matter, they are more likely to make mistakes and attract penalties from Google. Even your honest mistakes can receive penalties for violation of the guidelines.

The most common structured data mistakes are:

  • Violation of Google’s Guidelines for the specific data type
  • Violation of Google’s Structured Data General Guidelines
  • Inappropriately structured data
  • Mismatch between On-page Content and Structured Data
  • Taking Shortcuts and trying to manipulate Google.

3. Improve Your Marketing Agenda with Podcasts

Not every potential customer can have time to read blogs or follow your Social media posts everyday; podcasts give you an option to make your message reach to your tech savvy audience. You can make your content reach to them with podcasts and it will take them lesser time than reading articles. So, if you feel comfortable, you can create strategy for this as well. Keep the content related to your niche and relevant to your listeners. This can be an extension of content marketing and you can also take sponsorships.

4. Have Focused Content on your pages

Always keep in mind that for internet marketing you have to keep your content within your niche. If you try to fly too high and leave your niche far behind, you will have unfocused content all over your pages and that would not be very helpful to get good ranking.

5. Image Optimization will help

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), every word you put on your web pages start to matter. If your images appear in enhanced listings, it will help in improving page rank. Images are as important as the Heading elements and Titles because they all play their part to make the page rank better.

What else to watch for?

Besides improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you should also focus on security. Use unique passwords and keep updating them. Keep your website updated with reliable Add-ons or Plugins that can be audited and updated securely. Keep these tips in mind and All the Best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Challenges that 2019 will bring to us.