Digital ads and Search Engine Optimization have become the backbone of Business Promotions Online. The following techniques have been proved very effective over the past years. Some of these techniques are simple and can be understood easily while some of these require the knowledge of some Google Analytics or Adword tools but these can be learnt. For giving our readers the basic idea about the Digital Marketing Techniques, we have listed their basic description here-

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is one of the most effective tools to elevate the online presence of your business website by improving its Search Ranking. Both On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization of your web pages are equally important. On Page Optimization includes optimizing Website Content, Keyword targeting, Title tags, Page URL and Meta Description. Whereas Off Page Optimization deals with making backlinks with other reputed web pages and non link related practices like Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Influencer Marketing etc.

2. SEO Audit:

SEO audit is just as important when it comes to make amends in your website’s content and the indexing of your web pages. You need to analyze which pages get more visits or which keywords are most searched for. You need to categorize and improve your keywords over-time and besides putting them in content, also use them in Titles, Meta Description, Image Title, Alt Tags and Page URL. But be careful while doing so, repeatedly using certain keywords where they don’t fit will result in keyword stuffing and Search Engines don’t like it. Even the users or reader won’t like it and remember ‘it is very important to make your site user-friendly’. Also, don’t engage in any black hat SEO Techniques like unauthorized or shady link building etc. Such practices will invite penalties from search engines.

3. User Experience:

If someone is looking for a product that you happen to have in your product list, you have to convince that person that yours is the best place to buy that product from. And your web pages will do it for you. By Understanding the User Analytics, you can find out which pages have more visitors, which links or pages get more clicks and which keywords are performing well. If you make it easier for people to get what they are looking for and they find it more convenient to order it from you, you might have better conversion rate (Visitors turning into leads) and it will be even better if people subscribe for your newsletter. So, keeping your site user-friendly is just as important as keeping it Search Engine friendly. More and more people are using their Mobiles instead of Laptops for most of their needs, so make sure your website is Mobile friendly.

4. Sponsored Social Posts:

One of the biggest advantages of promoting your business on Social Networking Platforms is that your audience is already there, you just have to come up with appealing ads to attract them to your site. Sponsored Social Posts reach to a maximum users and tell them about your products or services that you provide. FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedinGoogle and Youtube have very high number of users and some of these even have the algorithm that makes your products reach to the people who are interested in them.

5. Display Advertising:

These types of advertising reach directly to your potential buyers. If they look up for some products and they may or may not buy it. But they keep seeing the ads for the product on different websites they visit. These ads are Display Advertise and you have to buy these ads from the Ad Servers which keep track of user’s recent searches and display ads to them. You can create and post an ad on Google Display Network etc. The payment for such ads depends on the number of impressions or clicks or acquisitions they get. Spending on the well performing ads and websites will give you better leads. The only limitation is, they are not entirely in your control and you have to rely on the Ad server to show ads on relevant pages.

6. Paid Search Ads:

This type of ads is linked with the keywords that you are targeting. These ads are also known as Pay Per Click Ads as you pay for each click on your ads. You can set your Daily maximum budget and remember that the most common or broad keywords are most expensive as most of the companies bid for them. You can also have these ads for your particular products with specific keywords. Paid Search ads fetch faster results.

7. Native Advertising:

These ads get blended in the form and format of the platform where they are put. These don’t even look like ads because they look just like the content that surrounds them. They are mostly used in social media feeds and sponsored content. They are called ‘Native Ads’ because they get mixed up with the content of the pages or platform that they are displayed on. Blogs and sponsored Video advertorial etc. can be native ads.

8. Email Marketing:

It’s very important to keep in touch with your loyal customers and the new customers. You can stay connected with them by sending your Newsletters, Flash Announcements, Exclusive offers, Greetings and Offer details during the Festive season, Announcement of New Products and Reminders etc. But don’t irritate your customers; don’t send multiple mails everyday so that their inbox gets filled up with your mails.

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