Letter to Santa


This is the story of a diligent SEO professional who knows his business very well and understands the constraints of his trade. I’ll tell you about his letter to Santa, in which he asks Santa to grant him the wishes that make his work better. Want to know those wishes? Continue reading…!


This guy, he had been really Conformist this year; he followed the terms of services of Search Engines like Bing and Google, he didn’t buy any links and he didn’t cloak any pages. But he is an achiever, he believes in doing “More”. So he asks Santa to help him achieve that “More”. Here is the list of his Christmas wishes:


1. I ask for this every year, first fulfil this wish!


Please help the SEO world, make it a better place by helping spread SEO Education among our clients. Because sometimes they have impossible expectations and some other times it’s like banging my head on the wall when I try to Explain the technicalities to them. You do the magic, I can’t; I can’t make their pages rank on the top of the search engines overnight. So please, Heal this world, make it better for everyone who does SEO and those who can ‘spread the light’.


2. Please let Google’s Algorithm updates be gentle on my clients.


Whenever Google comes with Algorithm updates, my clients are affected, their rankings drop despite my efforts. Please let the algorithm updates be harmless to my clients and my work (you know I have suffered blows in the past).


3. “Merge & Purge” in local listings should be simpler.

About the local listings, there are “merge and purge” issues, please let Google stop people from changing phone numbers and addresses promiscuously. This will save me a lot of time.


4. YES, I want the “Position 0”.

Please grant the wishes of my SEO Clients by letting my stocking reach to “position 0”. My clients want to be omnipresent when it comes to appearance in knowledge boxes. And believe me; my stocking is ready for it.


5. Please ask Google Analytics to count direct and organic search traffics separately.

I would really like it if Google Analytics could count Direct traffic and Organic Search traffic separately. I get really curious about what drives traffic to a website. Everyone is doing a lot with their referrer data, if I could see the real source of traffic; you know I could do things differently.


6. I miss Facebook’s targeting options.

Facebook took back its gift of ‘demographic targeting options’. It makes me sad, things were easier when facebook and I were really good friends and it gave me better targeting options. Yes there are issues about “Privacy” and all; but could you please help them resolve it and get the options back for me?


7. We need more people to share the burden.

Please protect and nurture the talent in field of Digital Marketing and SEO . We have surging demands and difficult deadlines; it would be helpful if we could share this burden with Qualified SEO professionals and Expert Digital Marketers . Yes, it’s a lot easier to learn things digitally, but we also need certified people who have learnt and understood the “digital”, the tools and the Analysis methods.


8. Client’s own data is kept hostage. I believe you can straighten up the bad guys.


You know who has been good and who has been bad. I hope you teach a tough lesson to the bad guys who indulge in Data Extortion and Keeping the Analytics Data Hostage. This bothers the good guys who are going to work with the same clients. Sometimes a website’s future looks really bleak when I can’t get all the necessary information and the Analytics data. I make things work even then but it’s tough. I could use your help here!


9. Better Communication… Please!


I want Google to answer to me in a better way; I want proper response to my questions and requests. I know they are working hard but it would be a win-win situation if they could provide insights into questions that make search results better for everyone. A better communication from Google will surely make my day.


10. The spammers and scammers are creating nuisance.


These are the people who mail our clients and tell them they can work miracles to make their sites rank on the top and fix the issues with their pages. These people fill up the mailboxes of clients with emails that are all about paid links; they are ruining our image.


11. I like playing but I like the rules too!


In this playground, we need clear rules and a Code of Ethics to bind us; to make us stick to the White Hat Techniques . May be it’s difficult to fabricate but there has to be a code that guides SEO behaviour of people.


12. Bless our Law makers with better understanding of the industry.

Do you know the people who are making rules to govern our digital behaviour? Please enlighten them so that they are not lobbied by the giants in our industry; bless them with insights so they understand deeply what is good or bad law for our Industry.


13. I can sense the Dominance in our industry.

Google gets all the traffic despite the hard work that goes into other Search engines. It’s not like other Search engines can’t catch up with Google, they can, yet they don’t get the traffic. Search engines like Bing are constantly improving and they deserve better than what they are getting. Can you please help them?


14. Google Knowledge Panels are making things difficult for me.

Apart from a search engine, Google has become an Instant answer machine. My clients wish the ‘position 0’ because of these knowledge panels. I miss the simpler days when Google focused only on the Search results.


15. Happiness for all

Santa, I want people in this Industry to be prosperous and peaceful. There’s a lot of competition but we also make good friends here. I wish Growth and happiness for everyone.


It can be said that most of the SEO Professionals would ask the same from Santa Clause this year. There are things that bother everyone in the business who wish to play by the rules; there are other restrictions too. We wish Santa grants these wishes for all of you!


Merry Christmas Folks!!