4 key elements to position in Google My Business

Google My Business is a free Google tool for companies, a space in which they can show information about their businesses and that offers the possibility of filling in a wide variety of data such as hours, address, business category, and even different services it provides.
The name of the company, the website, choosing the correct categories and obtaining reviews are some of the most important fields of Google My Business
All these fields offer users valuable information about the company and, at the same time, serve to position the Google My Business page of the business in search engines, especially in Google, so filling in and optimizing the profile is very important. However, not all information spaces have the same importance in positioning.
Below are some of the information fields that have the greatest impact on the positioning of Google My Business page:
-Company name: The name of the company is one of the factors that have the greatest weight in the positioning of Google My Business, especially with regard to searches. In this sense, those businesses that contain the keyword of their category in the name will rank better than others.
-Web page: Having your own website in Google My Business profile is another positioning factor. When filling in this field, many companies choose to direct the user to the home page, however, in the case of businesses that have different web pages for different countries or regions, the ideal would be to direct traffic to the page location selection.
-Categories: Google offers 4,000 business categories to choose from and also adds new categories periodically. This means that Google pays close attention to this factor and that users should periodically check this space, as they may find new categories that better define the business.
-Reviews: The quantity and quality of the reviews is another of the main positioning factors of Google My Business. In addition, it is the only space that is exclusively dedicated to the user.
When updating or optimizing Google My Business profile of any business, these will be the four most important fields of information. The fields of products, services, and user questions have less weight in the positioning of the page in search engines, but they should not be neglected for this reason. It is also advisable to take into account these mistakes that are usually made in Google My Business so as not to fall into them.

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