Facebook already tests dark mode in its app

Facebook introduced dark mode as part of the social network redesign a few months ago, but it only affected the desktop version. In mobile applications, neither in iOS nor in Android, Facebook still does not have its dark mode.
Facebook has dark mode only for the desktop version at the moment
This is curious because most of the company's applications have already launched their dark modes long ago. Thus, on Instagram, it is already possible to use it, as well as on WhatsApp and also on Facebook MessengerThere is even dark mode for Facebook Lite, the lightweight app, which consumes less battery and requires less connectivity, of the social network.

However, in the Facebook app, dark mode is not yet a reality. Facebook has not even indicated when it could launch than expected "night mode" that allows you to put the background in black and use the app in low light conditions in a more comfortable way for the human eye, but at least, it is already known that it is testing.

The company has confirmed the tests after some reverse code developers found the functionality in the application code in June, at which time some users of the social network also warned that dark mode was being enabled in the phase of tests.

Now Facebook has recognized that in the coming weeks more users of the social network will be able to use the dark mode - without specifying who or how many - and at the way in which they use it will be analyzed to obtain valuable information for a definitive official release for everyone.

At the moment, it is not known when the implementation of dark mode could be definitively implemented in the Facebook app, but everything indicates that it will be soon, given the progress of the tests and the fact that all the apps in the Facebook family have already had their own "night mode" for months.

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