How to change the font on Instagram

Instagram does not, at the moment, allow users to change the fonts in the biography or in the publications. However, it is increasingly common to be surprised by reading a comment that stands out among the rest because it precisely has a different typeface. 

Writing backward, including symbols, or adding fonts that attract attention are ways to differentiate our Instagram profile.
The method is becoming so popular that it is a matter of time before Instagram ends up incorporating it into its own characteristicsHowever, and while the company decides to release new letter models beyond Stories, users who want to give their profile a more personalized touch have to rely on third-party apps. This usually involves transferring some personal information to developers other than Facebook.
Many of the users who are victims of 'scamming' are precise because they did not pay attention when writing their personal information in applications that appear around established social networks.
Once this matter has been assessed, the user can download various apps depending on the fonts they want to include in their profile: there are more basic and more elaborate, and also paid and free.  The most popular are the following three:
Fonts Keyboard includes pictures and symbols in addition to 100 different fonts. Cool Fonts allows you to copy the text also in comments and although it is available for both iOS and Android, it proposes a 'freemium' system, so some of the fonts are paid. Fonts, to dry, is the one that has the option of putting the chosen text backward, a very popular function among Instagram profiles that customize their biography. 
Instagram is continually testing many features that add dynamism to user content. Sometimes these are mere additions to behaviors that users already performed thanks to the existence of third-party apps.
It could be said that Instagram “engulfs” those actions that end up being popular on the social network, such as downloading content or repostingTherefore, it is more than likely that in the near future Instagram will expand its list of fonts or offer other options to individualize a profile as much as possible.

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