How to enable peer-to-peer encryption in Zoom

Zoom launched only a few weeks ago, for all users, the end-to-end encryption function, which means that both the passwords for video calls are no longer stored on the Zoom server, but are saved on the computers of users, which will improve privacy on the platform.

Enabling end-to-end encryption in Zoom makes it impossible to use some features, even though the company has said it is working to remedy this situation
However, the function is not enabled by default. This is an option that the user must enable in Zoom if they want peer-to-peer encryption to work in their next meeting. In fact, if external-to-end encryption is enabled in an event, keep in mind that it will only work during that event. Once the meeting is over and encryption is disabled, if you are going to make another video call and you want maximum security, you will have to activate it again.

You have to take into account something else. If end-to-end encryption is enabled, these nine features are currently disabled or unable to useZoom has noted that it is working to remedy the situation so that, for example, creating small rooms or live transcripts can be used during encrypted communications. Be that as it may, if you want to have end-to-end encryption in your next meeting, then we present you step by step how you should do it:

How to enable encryption in Zoom:

-Enter Zoom and log in with your personal account
-Then, click on the "Settings" of Zoom in the "Personal" section.
-Make sure you are in the "Meetings" tab and scroll the screen to the "Advanced" section.
-Look for the option called "End-to-end encrypted meetings" and enable the switch right next to it.
-When doing this activation, Zoom enables a pop-up window where the validation of the account is requested using the telephone number used in the initial registration. When placing it, a six-digit code will arrive that you must enter in the corresponding box. Also, validate that you are not a robot by pressing the Captcha box.

With these simple steps, you enable peer-to-peer encryption in the meeting by Zoom. In addition, an option is enabled that will allow this extra security to be activated in meetings automatically and use in all meetings.

It has even been accused of lying to its users for having made them believe that they already had it active when in reality it was not. However, the company has accepted the fault and has promised not to do it again.

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