Instagram changes its bottom menu and adds Reels and Shops tabs

Instagram has been making different tests and changes in the lower navigation menu in recent weeks, in order to introduce new tabs. After trying several designs, he has finally decided on one that incorporates a new tab for Reels and a new tab for Stores.

The change of the Home of Instagram begins today to roll out for all users As the company has just announced, the changes are already being officially reflected in the profiles of all users - perhaps the new implementation explains the reasons for the falls that Instagram has been registering this week - and will be available to everyone in the coming days. .

The new Reels tab will make it easier for users to discover fun new short videos from creators around the world. Thus, they will not only see those recorded by their own contacts but in this tab, there will be other content recommended by the Instagram algorithmIt is the way to enhance this content and show trends and content to a much larger audience.

On the other hand, in the new Stores tab it will be easier to find products that can be purchased directly through Instagram and to support small businesses. The tab will show content recommended especially for each user by the algorithm of the social network, as well as content selected by the editors of the @shop channel on Instagram. Specific collections, product videos, etc. will also be shown.

Change the way to upload content to Instagram Instagram ensures that it is now undertaking the changes because usage trends within the social network have changed. In fact, he affirms that it has been years that the users' Home has not changed, but that this novelty is necessary to continue discovering interesting content on the platform.
Be that as it may, which also means a considerable change in the way new content is uploaded, since the symbol (+) disappears from the lower navigation bar to upload a new video or photograph to the feed. Now you will find this option in the upper left part of the screen and from the same button, you can choose the upload of all kinds of content, both to the feed, to the Stories, to IGTV, or to Reels.

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