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If a few weeks ago Google presented its new version of Google Analytics, called Analytics 4, this time it is the turn of Google Webmasters, which becomes Google Search Central, the new Google Search Center in which the company where offers guides, tutorials, and news on how your search engine works.

The new Google Search Center organizes the information for developers and is revamped to offer new features. The decision to change the name is due, in principle, to the fact that the word "webmaster" has fallen into disuse and that new generations of professionals prefer to call themselves bloggers, digital marketers, or SEO experts, rather than webmasters.
Despite the identity change, the objective of Google Search Central remains the same, to centralize all the information and knowledge so that users understand how to position their web pages in Google, what are the main changes in their algorithms, as well as the factors quality and SEO positioning that will affect them.

When entering the new Search Center, the user finds different sections such as Guides, Reference, News, Success Stories, Tools, and help. Within the Guides section, the user has a series of tutorials and guides for developers that cover everything you need to know to improve the functioning and positioning of a web page, for example: optimizing content for mobile phones, introducing JavaScript that Google can index, improve AMP results, optimize the user experience on the page, etc.

Within the Reference section, users have all the Google reference documentation, in which the requirements of each of the different search functions are detailed. Under What's New, you'll find the latest company blog posts, as well as news about Google updates and major changes to the developer documentation.

For its part, within Success stories, there are some testimonials on how Google search can attract new users to a web page and, finally, in the tools section, users have some utilities such as Search Console, PageSpeed ​​Insights, and testing tools for mobile optimization, rich results, and AMP.

On the other hand, to facilitate access to information, blogs and content will be organized on different pages. In this way, those users who are looking for specific information about Google Search Console will be able to visit the Search Console Help Center, where they will have all the information about how the tool works, how web pages are indexed, guides and tutorials on the platform and any topic related to this tool.

In this sense, the Google team realized that users used many different terms to describe what it was like to be a webmaster, so they decided that it was best to change "Google Webmaster Central" to "Google Search Central" since the aim is to improve everything that has to do with visibility and search engine performance.

Nikhil Gupta

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