Twitter and Instagram will stop working in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was launched in August 1995, and since then it has been the Internet browser most used by Microsoft in the different versions of its operating system. However, in January 2020, the company officially launched a new  Chromium-based browser, called Edge, although this did not mean Explorer's immediate abandonment from Windows platforms.
Microsoft begins the process of mass migration of Internet Explorer users to Edge
So far, both browsers have coexisted. However, Microsoft has begun to implement a strategy to accelerate the process of transition from one browser to another and to get users to stop using Internet Explorer and start using Microsoft Edge permanently.
As part of this strategy, on November 1 it will no longer be possible to use more than 1,150 pages with the Internet Explorer browserAmong them, it will be impossible to access Google Drive, Yahoo! Mail - the mail service of Yahoo! - and also social networks such as Twitter or the web version of Instagram.
Users who try to open these social networks in Internet Explorer will see a message indicating that these platforms are no longer supported in Explorer, and will automatically be redirected to Microsoft Edge in order to continue with the correct loading of the platform.
In addition, an option will appear so that users can take advantage of the migration of their browsing data such as favorites, passwords, open tabs, history, settings, or cookies from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Next, an image of the message that Internet Explorer will throw when trying to enter one of the no longer supported websites:Microsoft Edge Internet ExplorerThe migration has other dates already planned in the calendar. For example, as of November 13, Microsoft accounts will not be accessible through the company's website, while Microsoft Teams will stop working in Explorer as of November 30. The deadline for all Microsoft services to stop working will be August 17, 2021.

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