Twitter reaches 188 million daily users

Twitter, as most social networks have done, this week presented its results for the third quarter of the year, in which it continues to grow in terms of the number of users, but does so at a considerably lower rate than in other quarters.

Twitter's revenue has grown 14% in the last year. Despite everything, continuing to add users is, for Twitter, good news, since for years it experienced a kind of stagnation. Now during the months of July to September 2020, the company has added two million active users per day, which means reaching the figure of 188 millionAnnually, it means 29% more active users per day than just a year ago.

Twitter offers the number of daily users because they are those it considers "monetizable", that is, those with whom it can earn income thanks to advertising. Other social networks use other main metrics, such as Facebook, which also provides the data of monthly active users, as does Pinterest, or LinkedIn, which prefers to focus on accounts created instead of providing figures that justify daily or monthly activity.

As we said, the growth of Twitter has slowed considerably in the third quarter of the year, especially when compared to the 20 million users per day that are added during the second quarter, driven by the increase in online activity during the months of widespread confinement. Now, in the "new normal," Twitter continues to grow, albeit at a considerably slower rate.
According to the company, it is a reality that was expected, and that also affects other social networks such as Facebook. Like this social network, Twitter experiences another common situation: the low growth in the United States, its main advertising market, although without losing users as has happened to Mark Zuckerberg's social network.
Regarding revenues, Twitter reached $ 936 million during the first three months of the year, a figure that represents a growth of 14% compared to that registered in the third quarter of 2019.

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