What is AMP and how does it affect SEO

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is an open-source initiative promoted by Google to help web page developers create websites with reduced loading times, especially for pages in its mobile version.

AMP technology makes web pages have almost immediate load times Once the AMP is implemented on a web page, a parallel version of all the pages is created in which all the elements that Google considers that can delay the loading times are eliminatedAmong these elements considered "superfluous" are the JavaScript or CSS codes. This way, loading an AMP page only loads the text and images.

When conducting a Google search from a mobile device, those pages that have AMP appear marked with a small lightning bolt icon next to the URL, as can be seen in the following image:
Is it necessary to implement AMP to improve the SEO of a website?

Although it is true that having AMP technology can be beneficial for SEO, it is not a ranking factor and therefore it is not necessary or mandatory. It is widely used on web pages and blogs. On the other hand, those pages that use CDN (Content Delivery Network) do not usually use AMP, since the CDN offers a better response in terms of load times. On the other hand, the pages with AMP are simpler, therefore easier and clearer for the reader. However, removing the javascript codes can cause problems with the loading of certain functionalities and with some plugins, especially those that create pop-ups.

Likewise, those web pages that already have a responsive design or that have a mobile version do not need AMP, as it could be counterproductive.
How does AMP affect SEO?

In those pages that do not have a mobile version or an active CDN, AMP can be beneficial, since it improves total loading times, something very important for Google (especially since Core Web Vitals is going to become a factor SEO).
Google also ranks pages better with AMP while reducing bounce rates as users don't have to wait for the page to load. At the same time, AMP makes the HTML code more "friendly" to the user, which improves the usability of the page and all its elements such as banners and images.

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