YouTube will offer official information on the covid-19 vaccine

Following the declaration of covid-19 as a pandemic last March, YouTube began adding information panels to both videos and searches about the coronavirus, to provide users with information from proven sources to combat false news about the topic.

YouTube adds a descriptive panel with links to official organizations so that users are informed about the development of the covid-19 vaccine
Now the company will update these information panels, also including information on the progress made in the search for a vaccine so that users also have official information in this regard.

The panels will include official data and relevant information provided by agencies such as the  Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and the World Health Organization for Disease Control and Prevention. Health (WHO), among others. The information that these organizations consider appropriate regarding the development and advances that companies such as Pfizer or Moderna are achieving in the fight to obtain a vaccine against the coronavirus will be provided.

For now, these additional information panels on the progress around the covid-19 vaccine will begin to be seen in searches made by users in the United States, although the company has ensured that they will also be shown in other countries in the next days, to complete worldwide coverage.

Any user who searches for, for example, "Pfizer Vaccine" will receive information from verified agencies. YouTube wants to combat the false news that may arise about the development of vaccines, as well as hoaxes and conspiracy theories. In fact, the platform a few weeks ago already banned any denial content about the power of the vaccine, threatening to withdraw it immediately. Monetization of any content related to covid-19 on the platform was also prevented.

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